This page is used to show the many roles a creator may have, and the names for each role.

Writers Edit

Role Also Credited As
Writer Written by
Adaptor Adapted by
Assistant Writer Writing Assists; Additional Writing
Dialoguer Dialogue by; Words by[1]
Plotter Plot by; Co-Plotter; Story by
Scripter Script by; Words by[1]
Translator Translated by

Pencillers Edit

Role Also Credited As
Penciller Penciler; Pencils by; Artist[2]; Breakdowns; Layouts; Painter[3]
Assistant Penciller Pencil Assists; Additional Pencils

Inkers Edit

Role Also Credited As
Inker Inks by; Digital Inks by; Artist [2]; Finisher; Finishes by; Painter[3]
Assistant Inker Ink Assists; Additional Inks

Colourists Edit

Role Also Credited As
Colourist Colorist; Colours by; Colors by; Digital Colouring by; Digital Coloring by; Artist[2]; Painter[3]
Colour Separator Color Separator; Colour Separations by; Color Separations by
Film Outputter Film Output by
Greyscaler Grayscaler; Greyscales by; Grayscales by; Grey Tones by; Gray Tones by

Letterers Edit

Role Also Credited As
Letterer Letters by; Lettering by; Hand-Lettering by

Editorial Edit

Role Also Credited As
Editor Edits by
Assistant Editor Editing Assists; Editorial Intern; Editorial Assistant
Associate Editor
Consulting Editor Editorial Consultant
Editor-in-Chief Editorial Coordinator
Executive Editor
Managing Editor
Proof Reader Proof Reading by
Reprint Editor
Senior Editor

Production and Design Edit

Role Also Credited As
Designer Design by; Designed by; Book Design; Layout[4]
Producer Produced by; Productioneer
Art Director Art Direction by[5]
Design Director
Graphic Designer Graphic Design by
Logo Designer Logo Designed by; Logo Design by
Production Artist
Production Assistant Assistant Producer
Production Director Director of Production
Production Manager
Production Supervisor

Other Roles Edit

Role Also Credited As
Cover Penciller Cover Penciler; Cover Artist[6]
Cover Inker Cover Artist[6]
Cover Colourist Cover Colorist; Cover Artist[6]
Cover Letterer
Cover Model
Cover Photographer
Pin-Up Penciller Pin-Up Penciler
Pin-Up Inker
Pin-Up Colourist Pin-Up Colorist

References Edit

  1. 1.0 1.1 'Words by' often refers to someone who did the dialogue during the scripting process.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 Artist can refer to a penciller, a penciller and inker, or penciller, inker and colourist. Always check to make sure no inker or colourist has been credited before considering the artist to be the inker/colourist.
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 Painters often do the pencils and inks before colouring with paint.
  4. Not to be confused with 'Layouts', which refers to pencilling layouts
  5. Art Directors sometimes provide layouts for the pencillers. If this is the case, they may be considered to be a penciller as well.
  6. 6.0 6.1 6.2 Cover Pencillers, Inkers and Colourists are often just credited as Cover Artists. Normally it is possible to tell who did what, as some creators may not be able to do all three things.